The Workshop

The Charlie Borrow Workshop was founded in 2013. Situated in the heart of east London on Columbia Road, an area with a rich history of small scale manufacturing business’. The products are designed and made onsite in the small 350 square foot workshop from the finest raw materials. Each component is expertly produced in a traditional manner by craftsmen with the British Isles.

Charlie Borrow_05.jpg

You will not find ultra modern machinery to speed up production, nor witness manufacturing methods to cut corners or costs. The products made are made to last and age in a beautiful and natural way. Some may call them and the process “old fashioned” due to the labour intensive techniques and the heavy materials, however it is this that gives them their durability and makes them life long companions.

Charlie Borrow_12.jpg

Of course nothing lasts for ever but with the right maintenance and care they’re expected to last for a number of years and serve you well. If a repair is needed get in touch and it can be booked in for a free repair.