The Workshop

The Charlie Borrow Workshop was founded in 2013. Situated in the heart of east London on Columbia Road, an area with a rich history of small scale manufacturing business’. The products are designed and made onsite in the small 200 square foot workshop from the finest raw materials. Each component is expertly produced in a traditional manner by craftsmen in and around the British Isles.

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You will not find ultra modern machinery to speed up production, nor witness manufacturing methods to cut corners or costs. The products made are made to last and age in a beautiful and natural way. Some may call them and the process “old fashioned” due to the labour intensive techniques and the heavy materials, however it is this that gives them their durability and makes them life long companions.

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By creating timesless designs there isn’t a need to work to a fast fashion timeline, or heavily discount items to create space for newer incoming styles. Designs evolve and new styles are introduced when a new idea or material is discovered. By doing this it gives the necessary time for a design to be fully developed prior to making this first one, ensuring the first sample is the best it possibly can be. Items are made to order for clients, however a small amount of stock is held in the London workshop so clients can see, feel and try a bag or leather good prior to deciding on a colour and material. Everyone has a certain preference when it comes to the finer details, many clients decide to lengthen or shorten the handle, readjust or add to the pocket configuration, or add a closure to the top of a bag. These small details can make a real difference to the users day to day life, so for a small extra fee or none at all this service is offered.

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By using highly durable material and construction techniques to create the products, we are very confident and stand by every item that leaves the workshop. This of course means that each is offered with a life time of repairs. Nothing lasts forever but with the right maintenance and care they’re expected to last for a number of years and serve you well. If a repair is needed get in touch and it can be booked in. Items are subject to wear and tear and will not be replaced if worn through however where possible materials will be salvaged, patches will be added to reinforce areas of weakness and suitable relacements to keep the authentic aged appearance of the product.

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