The Mills

We choose to exclusively work with natural fibres. Our preferred are flax and cotton due to the availability in the heavier weights, its durability and of course what’s still produced by some of Britain’s most renowned establishments. The mills we work with have been manufacturing fabric since 1864 and the late 1880’s. The first was originally opened as a jute spinning and weaving mill in Dundee Scotland, but now specialises in finishing and proofing cottons. We opt to use their 24oz dry proofed canvas - it has a firm handle and highly weather resistant finish but maintains a natural look and high durability. Its part of our staple line and is available in Tan, Black and Loomstate (natural).

 The second mill originally developed a small range of cloth for the military. Continuing to do so to date we have managed to get access to some of this line. The olive drab coated flax and cotton rip-stop have a high UV resistance and a rot and waterproof finish. First used for Land Rover hoods, tents and water buckets it’s a highly effective finish that withstands the worst elements. The loom state flax on the other hand is a much more natural cloth. Heavy in weight and woven on a more traditional shuttle loom, this cloth is an extremely narrow bolt. It has a slight inconsistency in colour due to the fibres used and has heaps of character. Traditionally this was the choice of cloth for naval ships sails along with hemp as its strength is increased when wet.