British industrial history was once rich with technical knowledge and world-renowned for producing high quality products. Created in a time where there was an expectation for items to last forever, the measure of quality then was in the durability and craftsmanship of each product. Materials were heavier and techniques took longer, but the outcome was ultimately more rewarding.

Our bags and accessories are expertly handcrafted in our small workshop in East London with this same concept in mind. Maintaining a quality sometimes lost in today’s modern world, every product is handmade one at a time using traditional saddlers techniques and tools. Only the highest grades of raw materials are selected, all produced using century-old techniques by expert craftsmen within the British Isles. Each component has the expectance to age in a graceful and natural manner, but stay true and strong as when first purchased. The shapes are classic and minimal with a hint of military influence, and materials durable with the aim to last a lifetime. Along the way we expect the products to gain a few scars, so each is offered with a lifetime of repairs. If looked after correctly, your purchase is ensured to last and be passed on to the generations to come. 

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