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Like all of our products the Belt is made from a durable and resilient oak bark tanned bridle leather. Cut from the strongest part of the animal the bend (the rump) with a substance of around 4mm in thickness, it has minimal give ensuring your belt remains true to size. The tannery, based in east Devon, is renowned for its quality and is the only remaining oak bark tannery in Britain, specialising in the traditional method of pit tanning.

Each belt is hand cut using a saddlers plough gage, hand marked and punched, edges bevelled to remove the sharp edge and burnished and sealed using a homemade beeswax recipe. The keeper is hand stitched into place using a five strand waxed linen cord and the solid brass roller buckle from a foundry in Walsall is firmly secured into place with a hand set solid copper rivet.

The leather we use is full grain meaning scars, stretch marks and blemishes are uncorrected and present giving a characterful and natural finish. Because of this, no two items are ever the same, each unique and completely one of a kind.

Available in our three standard colour options Natural Russet, Dark Stain and Black with a forth option of natural sueded Flesh Out on special request.

  • English oak bark pit tanned bridle leather

  • Solid brass roller buckle sand cast in Walsall

  • Completely hand constructed in our London E2 workshop.

Belts are are measured from the base of the tongue to the centre hole with 2" allowance at either side. If you are unsure of your size thread a soft tailors tape through the belt loops on your trousers at the desired height and measure the point at which the tape ends meet. 

Please note it is recommended to buy two inches larger then your trouser size, if your trousers are worn on the lower side three inch increase is recommended.

0 - 30"          5 - 35"

1 - 31"            6 - 36"

2 - 32"           7 - 37"

3 - 33"           8 - 38"

4 - 34"           9 - 39"

Each belt is made to order and requires a one week production time.

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